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Roy D. Toulan, Jr.

I have over 45 years experience as a litigator, corporate and securities attorney, and a mediator trained in accordance with Mass General Laws, Ch 233, Sec 23C. In the public companies for which I have served as General Counsel, I have been a trusted senior manager, Ombudsman and Settlement Counsel.

My work has involved a broad range of legal and management functions, from strategic business growth planning, capital formation, transactional matters, commercial real estate, SEC compliance and reporting, to basic corporate matters. I have advised and participated in the crafting and implementation of strategic business and legal solutions, appropriate for the unique issues and demands of growth and entrepreneurial companies. I have a strong experience-based understanding of the real world commercial and financial implications of business strategy decisions.

My management experience as General Counsel for a Nasdaq listed oil and gas company included project development, operational contract and real estate matters, complex title issues, as well as environmental and regulatory compliance. Prior to my work in energy, I was General Counsel for a public company in the dairy industry, which involved the oversight of international operations, as well as the creation and management of a significant IP portfolio and FDA regulatory compliance.

I also have functioned as "settlement counsel" in diverse matters including SEC '34 Act issues involving the complexities of valuation reporting of certain financing instruments with embedded derivative features, and the resolution of major long term contested issues that impeded the operations, and ultimately, the sale of assets of an energy company. These efforts were directed at finding and implementing outcomes that were the best for the interests of these companies, in lieu of win/lose scenarios.

My current and perhaps most significant career interests in the practice of law are focused on my cooperative participation with clients in their efforts to build, grow and succeed in whatever endeavors, either business or personal, for which my services may be appropriate and helpful. 

Roy D. Toulan, Jr.

“Law matters, because it keeps us safe, because it protects our most fundamental rights and freedoms, and because it is the foundation of our democracy.”

Elena Kagan
Justice U.S. Supreme Court


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