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Representing Business and Personal Interests


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Roy D. Toulan, Jr.

What We Do:

 Toulan Law Office represents individuals, sole proprietors, and corporations to provide legal services, advice and support in their time of need.  Our mission is to build strong attorney-client relationships, and to implement strategies and solutions formulated around our clients' needs and desires.  We also provide constructive conflict mediation services by a trained mediator appropriate for both business and personal / domestic dispute resolution.

Whether you are starting or growing a business, planning a business or a corporate restructuring, or considering the real world commercial and financial implications of business strategy decisions, our services can guide you through all the relevant legal procedures necessary for your success.

What's New?

• Our firm celebrates its 7 year anniversary. 

Personal Profile

• Roy D. Toulan, Jr., participates in Gloucester Police's Angel Program

• Roy D. Toulan, Jr., volunteers at the Grace Center


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